The Most Expensive Wedding Gift for Newlyweds Who Have It All

The Most Expensive Wedding Gift for Newlyweds Who Have It All

Yes it’s true, some of the best (and costliest) wedding gifts are ‘personalized’.

The loving parents of Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed gave him and his bride, Princess Salama, the most expensive present to date: a whopping $22 million stadium purposely built for their wedding in 1981. The stadium has 20,000 seats, big enough to accommodate all wedding guests. Can you imagine the size of the venue? It’s like everyone was attending a national event - not a nuptial.

Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed

Since thousands of guests joined the wedding party, it had lasted for a week! Perhaps to ensure that the bride and groom can meet and greet every guest at their wedding. So far it is one of the most extravagant wedding celebrations in history, as confirmed by the Guinness World Record. This also made it to our list of 10 most expensive wedding records of all time.

Gift-giving conundrums come up when we are invited to the wedding of filthy rich couples. If they are as affluent as the son and daughter-in-law of a powerful ruler, the gift-hunting problem gets even worse. But thanks to the mom and dad of Sheikh Mohammed, we now know better.

Of course it’s impossible for us to give or build a stadium for wealthy newlyweds but making personalized gifts for the pair is doable. If I were invited to their wedding, I would likely bring them luxurious pillows embellished with rich embroidery. Or a bottle with lovely, tiny notes inside.

Whatever present you decide to make or buy for couples tying the knot, remember not to go beyond your budget. You don’t want to go home broke after splurging on a gift for your friends’ big day. You may not give them the priciest or best gift now but maybe you can make up for it on their 10th or 20th anniversary. Stay positive!


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