Guess Who Owns the World’s Most Expensive Wedding Gown

Guess Who Owns the World’s Most Expensive Wedding Gown

Hint: Not a princess nor a star.

Bridal couture designer, Renée Strauss, and renowned jeweler, Martin Kartz made (and rumor has it, still own) the first wedding gown with 150 carats of diamonds. Valued at $12 million, it holds the record for the most expensive wedding dress in history. Both artists are known for their outrageously expensive creations that fulfill every bride’s fantasy.

Aptly named the ‘Diamond Wedding Gown’, the exorbitant dress was first unveiled at Ritz Carlton Hotel, Maria del Rey, California on February 26, 2006. It wowed the crowd. Who wouldn’t be impressed by the ultimate in wedding luxury?

Apparently, the British royals and famous celebrities thought differently. Kate Middleton opted for a $434,000-worth Alexander McQueen wedding dress, the late Diana had her Victorian wedding gown at $150,000, while Catherine Zeta-Jones settled for a $140,000 masterpiece from Christian Lacroix.

Since popular personalities chose not to fork out $12M for the Diamond Wedding Gown, it remains up for grabs.

Even if your uber-rich groom can afford this, you still need to think of the long list of other expenses on the wedding day. Don’t say you don’t want the priciest wedding bouquet, the most expensive venue, or the most extravagant suite for your honeymoon.

If that makes your head spin, wait until we talk about mortgage and your child’s college fund.

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