An Uber Extravagant Wedding Ceremony for Every Girl Who Can Dream

An Uber Extravagant Wedding Ceremony for Every Girl Who Can Dream

Because what else could an oil tycoon splurge on?

Tons of colorful flowers covered the floors, walls and ceiling. The cake looked twice as big as a life-size dollhouse. Precious jewels and pretty haute couture gown covered the bride from head to toe (It was too heavy that assistants were hired to help her walk). Famous performers entertained the guests; spectacular fireworks went off; and posh souvenirs were given away to everyone who attended the ceremony.

Every girl, at some point, has fantasized that their wedding would be this grand. But only a few could realize this fairytale-like kind of wedding: a Russian oligarch’s son, Said Gutseriev, and his bride, Khadija Uzhakhovs.

Their union last March 2016 was dubbed as the world’s first billion dollar wedding. Guests instagrammed loads of videos and photos of the bride, the venue, and famous entertainers such as Enrique Iglesias, J. Lo, and Sting. It was an absurdly luxurious nuptial ceremony.

But try not to begrudge the father, billionaire Mikhail Gutseriev, this money. Yes, the ceremony was rather ostentatious in a country suffering an economic crisis yet Mikhail was just exercising his right to be happy. He just did what any loving father would have done: pour money on his son’s wedding. Otherwise, he would have spent this money on uber pricey race cars, yachts, or art pieces like other billionaires. (Hadn’t he already?)

I know some women would be content with a beach wedding, basic gown, and simple entourage but the uber-rich minority need more to be satisfied. Sounds more like it? Not too fast.

Another theory is that maybe (just maybe) women deny their lavish wedding fantasies in the name of love. We can’t all marry a billionaire’s son.

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