Behold: The World’s Most Expensive Wedding Cake

Behold: The World’s Most Expensive Wedding Cake

Guess who it is for.

Nope, it’s not the cake of the royal couple. Kate and William's grand eight-tier wedding cake cost £54,514.48. That amount pales in comparison to the diamond-encrusted wedding cake worth £32.4 million.

The towering dessert seems ordinary and familiar at first glance until you look closer and count the blinding blings adorning it: a total of 4,104 real, glimmering diamonds.

After five days of work, Jules and Tim Smith of Cake proudly unveiled the world’s costliest wedding cake to celebrate The National Gay Wedding Show last March 3, 2013 at Echo Arena, Liverpool. The designers felt honored to have created an uber expensive cake for the UK’s biggest same-sex couple wedding show.

It's now included in the list of 10 most expensive wedding records of all time.

Most expensive wedding cake

Unfortunately, no sources could tell us the sweetest part: how the cake was consumed. What did it taste like? Was it stale like most wedding cakes? Or was the icing too thick?

I wonder if guests were allowed to have a slice with a diamond on top. Or better yet, whether they get to keep some leftover cake (with bits of diamonds, of course) in a doggie bag. It would be the priciest (and most generous) going-home present from a wedding party.

I’m not quite sure if it’s British tradition to smear a cake’s icing on someone’s face. It’d be a pretty clever way to get close to the cake and pluck out the diamonds. But do you think they'd let a cake this pricey out of their sight? I bet they won't.

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