No Bride Would Ever Want to Toss this Uber-Expensive Bouquet

No Bride Would Ever Want to Toss this Uber-Expensive Bouquet

I can’t blame her - I know I’d love to keep it.

Made of a hundred gemstones, the most expensive bridal bouquet is valued at $125,000 - a far cry from the chintzy flowers ($100-$150) tossed by brides at most weddings.

The luxurious wedding bouquet was featured on Vietnam’s national newspaper and certified by the Guinness World Record as the priciest bunch of flowers ever created. It is made up of a star-shaped ruby, nine shiny diamonds, and 90 other gems. Curious spectators flocked to 44 Le Ngoc Han Street in Ha Noi, Vietnam to check out the extravagant token of eternal love. It seems like a fitting symbol of long-lasting marriage because diamonds are forever while real flowers wilt.

But is this really the kind of bouquet brides need the most? In typical weddings, women eventually get rid of their bridal bouquets so why would they choose a bunch of heavy and precious stones? Guests would obviously leap and fight over it but for the newlyweds, this expense is pointless. Or is it just me?

If you haven’t heard, there are a lot of emotional buyers out there. Did you hear about a TV host who bought himself a pair of uber-pricey shoes made of diamonds? And then, there are diamond-encrusted iphone cases selling like hotcakes though they are massively impractical.

Oh well, what’s ridiculous for me could be alluring to someone else. To each his own. Just check out these 10 most expensive wedding records if you need more proof.

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