The World’s Most Expensive Wall?

The World’s Most Expensive Wall?

Good fences make good neighbors. But who’d pay for the wall?

Since Donald Trump’s campaign, he had been making an outrageous promise of building a massive and mighty wall to stop illegal immigrants and contrabands from Mexico. Now that he is in power, the president says he will proceed (as promised) fortifying the Southern Border with a 1,300-mile fence. But there is a catch: completing the rest of the US-Mexico border barrier would cost around $15 billion to $25 billion.

This is going to be the most expensive wall ever built, if the ambitious project pans out.

Building fortifications is not a new idea yet it is always a controversial topic. Think of the ancient Great Wall of China - a fortification wall built to deter northern invaders made up mostly of nomadic tribes. It cost China massive manpower and material resources, which led the forced workers, mostly peasants and convicts, to a mass rebellion.

Slave labor, though cost-effective, is not an option for Trump’s ridiculous fence construction project. So everyone is asking, who should foot the bill? The Mexicans.

Trump floated the idea of charging Mexican imports with 20% tax to finance the wall. This mind-numbing suggestion can easily help America raise funds ( roughly $10 billion a year) to build the wall. That is, if Mexico would still want to continue trading with the US when this policy is executed.

What’s your take on this? Do good fences really make good neighbors? Or did Trump just make an enemy out of a long-time ally?

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