This Fancy Flash Drive is the Most Expensive USB in the World

This Fancy Flash Drive is the Most Expensive USB in the World

But you wouldn’t want it for the storage space.

In April 2012, La Maison Shawish, a jewelry maker based in Geneva, launched a USB Key Mushroom collection that sold for $37,000 a piece. This jewel-encrusted mushroom-shaped Universal Serial Bus device with a gold-covered handle most definitely set the record as the fanciest and costliest USB ever sold, especially for a memory stick with a capacity of 32GB.

Online, anyone can find flash drives with a 32GB storage capacity that sell for $8 each. But none of them can be called a work of art like Shawish’s bespoke mushroom USB. And absolutely none of these devices donned diamonds and pink sapphires.

If you ever get your hands on one of these fabulous mushroom flash drives, be sure to check what’s stored inside. On its website, Shawish hinted that each purchase comes with “VIP Concierge Services” and something that suits the luxury lifestyle and interests of deep-pocketed buyers, such as a football match ticket.

But hardcore techies wouldn’t be persuaded by these perks. They want the real deal.

If you belong to this group, you’ll be relieved that the most capacious USB flash drive (at 2TB) sells for a much cheaper price, at $1,650. The price tag is not as shocking anymore. Agree?

The Kingston’s DataTraveler Ultimate GT (2TB) flash stick was released in May 2017. Now, you can find this 2TB model selling at Amazon for around $1,400. It has more storage space, it’s fast, and it fits perfectly inside your pocket.

I’ll trade a 32GB mushroom pen drive for a 2TB thumb drive any day. What about you?

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