A Bespoke Umbrella’s Insane Price and other stuff you can buy with that money

A Bespoke Umbrella’s Insane Price and other stuff you can buy with that money

You would go nuts if you lost this umbrella.

Billionaire Italian Couture’s canopy made purely from genuine, tanned crocodile skin is the most expensive umbrella you can buy at $50,000. Flavio Briatore, a Formula One tycoon, and his head designer, Angelo Galasso, were the brilliant minds behind the lavish invention. The world’s most extravagant umbrella was designed for men who want to celebrate their accomplishments or flaunt their wealth just because they can.

For us commoners, $50,000 is a whole lot of money. We’re not passing judgment on those men who shell out an exorbitant amount of money for an umbrella. It’s their money so they can spend it however they like.

But your creative side can imagine a hundred other ways to spend fifty grand.

Like, getting the most advanced and expensive android phone ever made. You could also dine at the world’s ritziest restaurant with your entire family and splurge on a fabulous staycation at Ibiza hotel, Spain. Maybe you like to taste the world’s priciest burger. Or maybe you like to replace your computer keyboard with an edgy one. You could buy all of that if only you had the money.

But could you really resist this fine piece of luxurious accessory once you have the money? Luxury goods have proven to attract those with greater purchasing power. So what is 50 grand if you were a billionaire? Whether you’d buy this umbrella or not (once you’re uber rich) is a good dilemma to have. Choose wisely - someday.

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