Guess What! “The Crown” is Netflix’s Most Expensive TV Show.

Guess What! “The Crown” is Netflix’s Most Expensive TV Show.

Why is this Netflix Original series so expensive? Ask the royals.

All ten episodes of “The Crown”, Netflix’s most expensive and most ambitious TV series to date, was released on air yesterday, November 4, 2016. The show tackles the fascinating reign and early life of Queen Elizabeth II when she assumed the throne at the age of twenty-five, following the death of her father. Award-winning director Stephen Daldry got a whopping budget of $130 million to produce the much-talked about show.

Earlier today, I finally watched the first and second episodes of The Crown on Netflix, and I thought it was quite magnificent! You see the royals up close and personal, wearing their extravagant costumes, which likely took the biggest chunk of the show’s budget.

The pilot episode featured the wedding of Queen Elizabeth II (played by Claire Foy) and Prince Philip (portrayed by Matt Smith). You can only imagine how much they had to fork out to pull off such a grand, festive-looking ceremony (no further spoilers, promise). To get an idea, check out these 10 most expensive wedding records of all time.

Before watching the first episode, I already knew that the TV series would cost a fortune to make. Besides the fact that the internet was abuzz with its upcoming release, it’s easy to assume that a show about the monarchy would command an exorbitant production budget. What got me curious was why would Netflix, a streaming giant, invest $130 million on a British early period drama?

The Crown

Well, try asking any Anglophiles, the great admirers of England or Britain, and you’d understand why Netflix’s newest, priciest TV show might become a hit. If you’re wondering if this series has the permission of the Buckingham’s majesty, you bet there is. Not only were they aware of it, they were very nervous and very excited about it, says the Telegraph.

If only they could get Queen Elizabeth II herself to endorse the show. After all, it was rumored that she liked the Game of Thrones enough to visit the set and meet the cast and crew. She might as well enjoy watching The Crown as it tells an interesting story of her life.

Have you seen the show yet? What do you think of it?

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