Most Expensive Toothbrush in the World

Most Expensive Toothbrush in the World

How do billionaires brush their teeth?

Of all the mysteries that surround the life of a billionaire, the most head-scratching and intriguing of queries is how they brush their teeth. With toothbrush of course -- not just an ordinary dental tool, though, but the swankiest in the world: the Reinast Luxury Toothbrush.

So how much does the most expensive toothbrush cost? A jaw-dropping $4,200.

Assuming that rich people have high dental IQ, Reinast has crafted the most advanced toothbrush to meet their high standards. The result? A gorgeous set of toothbrushes in four elegant editions: titanium, champagne, rose, and matte-black.

Yet there’s more to it than stunning looks.

Each Reinast toothbrush comes with a strong handle made of a high-grade titanium (so it’s unlikely going to break no matter how hard you brush your teeth). Also, the socket and bristle head are coated with antibacterial layer to keep germs at bay. To complete the package, each toothbrush comes with a bumper to help new users get used to the feel of the odd oral hygiene device.

"That's it?" you might ask.

Well, Reinast also sends a replacement for the bristle head (a total of five new ones) every six months. They say this is the best part of the offer. Customers can avail various replacement plans: five years ($400), seven years ($800), and 11 years ($1,600). Basically, this toothbrush is for keeps. Ain’t that brilliant?

So if you’d like to brush your teeth like a prince or a princess, this could be a good buy. Don’t you think?

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