World's Most Expensive Teapot Unveiled

World's Most Expensive Teapot Unveiled

Just when you thought you’ve seen the world’s most expensive teapot, an entirely new teaware enters the picture.

The most treasured teapot in the world is worth $3,000,000, according to Guinness World Records. Designed by Nirmal Sethia, the chairman of Newby Teas and founder of N. Sethia Foundation in the UK, the costliest tea kettle has a body dripping with precious gems such as diamonds and rubies. No part of the pot is cheap - the base made is with 18-carat gold while the handle is molded by an Italian jeweler, Fulvio Scavia, from a rare mammoth ivory.

When asked what inspired Nirmal Sethia to create the outrageously costly teapot, the tycoon had a simple response. He said the extravagant teapot was meant to celebrate the best teas in the world.

Apparently, fans of the beverage would go out of their way to prove their love for tea. This is hardly surprising when the most consumed drink in the world (next to water) is tea (sorry, coffee). Serious collectors of the rarest and most luxurious teaware would search the world over to find the best teapot.

Back in 2010, Christie’s sold a set of teaware from Qianlong Period for a staggering $1.26 million. Then a year after, another treasured tea set from the 18th century appeared at Bonhams Auction, hammering $2.18 million. But in August 2016, after Guinness World Records’ appraisal, we know there’s only one teapot to rule other teaware in value.

And the name says it all, the most expensive teapot is called “The Egoist”. Such an apt title, don’t you think?

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