Why the World’s Most Expensive Taco Cost So Much

Why the World’s Most Expensive Taco Cost So Much

A hotel in Mexico unveiled the most expensive taco in the world. What could be in it?

With tacos being one of the most popular snacks in the US, we’re curious why a bowl at Frida, a fine dining restaurant in Mexico, couldn’t find a buyer. Upon further investigation we discovered that the tacos in question cost $25,000 - and only good for two. Crafted by Juan Licerio Alcala, the executive chef at Frida, the most expensive taco treat is meant as a reward for guests staying at the Grand Velas Los Cabos in Baja Peninsula.

So what exactly is in it? What makes this taco outrageously pricey? Well, here’s the recipe.

Infuse a plate of soft corn tortilla taco with gold flakes then fill it with premium cuts of Kobe beef. Afterwards, add a piece of lobster, black truffle, grated Brie cheese, and Almas beluga caviar. Voila! You’ve whipped up the grandest tacos!

All these extravagant ingredients justify why this Mexican snack costs a dear twenty five thousand bucks per serving.

And we haven’t even begun to talk about the salsa. Of course, the sauce has the required dried morita peppers. But besides that, it also has Ley .925 Añejo tequila - one of the costliest tequilas in the world. Chef Alcala surely has a penchant for luxurious ingredients.

If you’re interested in trying out this out-of-the-box taco treat, visit the restaurant (Frida) from 6pm to 11pm. Not from Mexico? Then make a trip out of it and reserve a room at the 304-suite property. A night costs $750 for two guests.

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