Why Switzerland has the Most Expensive Schools in the World?

Why Switzerland has the Most Expensive Schools in the World?

Switzerland’s schools are the most exclusive and expensive in the world. We explore why.

Five of the world’s top boarding schools with sky-high tuition fees are in Switzerland. That’s according to the recent ranking revealed by the Telegraph. From fifth to first, here are the most expensive schools in Suisse:

  • 5. Institut auf dem Rosenberg ($81,220.87)
  • 4. College du Leman ($84,639.03)
  • 3. Beau Soleil (College Alpin International ($96,731.10)
  • 2. Aiglon ($99,244)
  • 1. Le Rosey ($105,402.21)

It can’t be a mere coincidence that all the top five schools are located in Switzerland.

So, what’s behind this persistent trend? Let’s dig deeper and find some good explanations.

The increasing number of multinational companies in Geneva has created a huge demand for high-quality schools within the Suisse area. The rich and famous families need to send their children to the finest schools to earn an International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE).

Aside from the sons and daughters of bankers, these stellar Swiss boarding schools were built to attract affluent families from around the world. Sooner rather than later, words got out about the splendid curriculum of Suisse schools.

These exclusive institutions include adventures and expeditions in the school curriculum. After all, traveling is touted as one of the best forms of education. It so happens that few educational institutions can rival the stunning views of Switzerland.

For students enrolled in the top Swiss boarding schools, coping with study-related stress is a cinch. They de-stress well by riding horses, skiing in majestic mountains, swimming in massive pools within the schools, among others.

These comforts and luxuries don’t come cheap especially in a country noted for its high cost of living. But then, it’s all worth it when your school mates are heirs or heiresses of business and political empires.

If you could afford to send your kids so they rub elbows with future celebrities, dukes, and presidents, would you?


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