The Most Expensive Victorinox Swiss Army Knife

The Most Expensive Victorinox Swiss Army Knife

Would you pay six figures for a rare utility pocket knife?

Victorinox is a Swiss company that popularized the multi-purpose army knife in 1884. A $400 Victorinox pocket knife boasts as many as 80 functions for everyday use and outdoor adventures. But among the wide array of Swiss-made pocket knives, one tops them all in terms of price, a piece that will set you back at 130,000 euros (US $138,339.50).

As Victorinox’s tribute to luxury, this extraordinary swiss army knife is embellished with 800 diamonds. But it’s not the blade you’d use to cut bread or cheese - because it’s as good as useless as a cutting tool. “So, what is it for?” you might ask. It’s designed for someone who simply wants to own the most expensive Victorinox Swiss Army knife.

If you need a versatile blade to survive a camping expedition in the wilderness, then this is not for you. But if you only wish to show off the world’s priciest Victorinox blade to your friends (and enemies), this is the perfect collector’s item for bragging rights.

If you’re wondering how much pocket knives usually cost, Amazon offers a regular model at $30. Try to avoid counterfeit versions as many fakes have appeared in the recent years. When you’re that good, people will eventually copy you. Versatility and top-notch quality cemented Victorinox’s reputation as an unbeatable army knives maker.

Are you an avid collector of Swiss army knife? Learn more about its production by visiting the Swiss Knife Valley Visitor Centre in Brunnen, Switzerland. Take a tour in their tiny museum and find out more about the history of the workshop. Don’t miss the largest and smallest pocket knives and have a glimpse at the world’s most extravagant army knife ever made.

If money’s no object and you’ve got an intense interest in collecting rare pocket knives, see if they’ll sell the diamond-studded blade to you. But isn’t it slightly insane to pay six figures for a barely useful pocket knife?


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