Here’s what it would cost to be a superb Super Bowl fan

Here’s what it would cost to be a superb Super Bowl fan

It’s crazy expensive to be the most supportive fan.

The Super Bowl LI has begun. Have you got tickets for the final match between the Atlanta Falcons and New England Patriots? By now, zealous well-heeled fans may have coughed up $358,000 for privacy and a good night sleep in a suite before the biggest game. Because, why go home?

But what if you only want to watch the Super Bowl final game and don’t wish to stay longer? Well, this is going to cost less, as low as $11,000 for the best seat along with other VIP perks like a 50-yard distance from the playing field, access to the pre-Super Bowl party, etc.

As of the moment, however, all Super Bowl VIP packages are sold out.

Other than rooting for their favorite American football teams, crowds also flock to the Super Bowl every year for celebrity sightings. For instance, A-listers like Taylor Swift and Bruno Mars hosted the pre-Super Bowl party this year. Some devotees pray to bump into their beloved professional athlete to snap a photo for Instagram, where else?

Are you an avid follower of the game? If you aren’t blinking, you’ve probably noticed how big brands splash cash to flash their product commercials during Super Bowl. We can talk all day about the most expensive ads during the game but that’s a story for another time.

You had better be focusing on the match or how to get a last-minute ticket.

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