Most Expensive Super Bowl Commercial

Most Expensive Super Bowl Commercial

Are Super Bowl ads splurge-worthy? Find out.

A $5-million Super Bowl ad is considered a bargain, according to Forbes. That’s simply because 110 to 115 million pairs of eyes don’t come cheap. Boasting record-high viewerships, it’s small surprise that one Super Bowl ad cost $12.5 million. Remember the 2011 commercial featuring the rap star Eminem arriving to Detroit in a Chrysler 200? It’s officially the most expensive Super Bowl commercial to date.

Years later, the staggering advertising cost paid off for Chrysler. The story around their ad, “Imported from Detroit”, resonated with the audience, racking up the car company’s sales big time. A remarkable 50% boost in sales proved that the two-minute spot was pure advertising genius.

The script of the ad was crisp. Its tale, moving. Its scope, big. Luxury car companies often appeal to a person’s desire to be famous or coveted. The majority of these car makers emphasize ambition and avarice.

But Chrysler’s ad was different, not because it is the priciest commercial ever aired during a Super Bowl match. It’s in the storytelling, i.e. how advertisers and marketers make people care.

It’s powerful enough to renew the reputation of the whole city of Detroit. How? By looking through its past glory (as a top car producer) and present struggle to please the changing tastes of car owners. Within two minutes, viewers held their breaths.

Haven’t seen the video yet? You can find it on YouTube. If it doesn’t captivate you, I don’t know what will (IMO). Don’t forget to check the views, of course, and scroll down at the comments to get a sense of what others think of the ad.

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