This Swanky Suit Lets You Show Off Your Wealth and Get a Free Vacation

This Swanky Suit Lets You Show Off Your Wealth and Get a Free Vacation

But as with all luxuries in life, it will cost you.

No formal attire exudes more confidence, power and wealth than a Stuart Hughes designer suit - especially if it claims to be the world’s most expensive. Whoever sports the R.Jewels Diamond Edition, a bright suit made up of 480 diamonds, premium silk, and exquisite wool, will carry around a sartorial pride worth £599,000.00 ($853,904.45). Ugh, when did suits become this expensive?

Stuart Hughest expensive suit

The previous holder of the record was the African designer Alexander Amosu after he launched his bespoke luxury suit valued at $113,000 back in 2009. It was placed inside a fully armored range rover on its way to the mystery buyer. It’s safe to assume that some of the money Amosu got went to security.

Stuart Hughes was not without a good justification for his suit’s astronomical price tag. Besides the fact that it’s encrusted with fine-cut diamonds, it took his team 600 hours to finish the masterpiece. Plus, he offered paid trips to Arc en Ciel in St Lucia or any other luxury destinations for each of the three customers who will buy this limited edition bejeweled suit.

Who saw that coming? So the bespoke vacation was the real kicker here. Hold on. Wait a second. Even if this diamond suit and luxury trip combo exceeds all our expectations, how much does a trip to Arc en Ciel or any extravagant vacation really cost?

It’s probably worth finding out before giving in to this marketing gimmick.

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