This Posh Skin Care Solution is Tailored to Your DNA

This Posh Skin Care Solution is Tailored to Your DNA

Like all expensive skin care brands, it has an eyebrow-raising price tag and claim.

Most expensive skin care brands promise to keep your epidermis looking young, fresh and flawless yet Geneu vows they have found a far more effective solution. It’s a skin care product designed for your DNA. And all you have to do is provide your saliva swab, your DNA sample and $4,320, then presto, you’ll get the facial treatment tailor-made to your genes.

It sounds ingenious, doesn’t it?

Some wealthy converts believe Geneu’s personalized beauty products mark the new frontier in skin care. The firm deals with skin issues by getting to the root of the problem: each individual’s unique genetic makeup and ailments. Will this DNA-testing skin treatment replace expensive skin care products in the market?

It’s hard not to pay attention when science speaks. After all, if a product eliminates guesswork by rigorous testing, who won’t be willing to part with their money to try it? I bet the rich and famous would stop splurging on pricey Guerlain moisturizer and begin opting for a personalized solution to their skin troubles. Who doesn’t want a skin care line based on one’s natural body chemistry?

Well, the geneticist and University College London professor Nicholas Luscombe is not too thrilled to try it. For him, it is another skin care regimen that relies heavily on heritability and over-hyped effects of antioxidants.

I would also doubt if it’s worth it. And I’m afraid to try it for two reasons: one for its sheer disregard for environmental factors as a potential cause of skin flaws and two, for the product’s dumbfounding price tag. Seriously, $4,320 is a tad astronomical for a skin product, isn’t it?


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