5 Most Expensive Pizzas Around the World

5 Most Expensive Pizzas Around the World

Together, let’s travel far and wide to find the world’s most expensive pizza.

There’s a fierce competition going on for the world’s most expensive pizza. Because it’s hard to judge which is the best-tasting pizza (no Michelin star for pizzas, sorry), pizzerias worldwide compete on size, length, and now, cost to become the pizza capital of the planet. Which of these five contenders deserve to win?

1. Royal Pizza

Maze world record pizza

To create the pizza fit for Dubai’s ruler, UAE’s masterchefs invented the ‘Royal Pizza’. Its toppings consist of the world’s best and priciest ingredients: Italian truffles, Périgord black truffles, Kashmir saffron, Iran’s Almas, and Japan’s Matsutake mushrooms. To complete the dazzling opulence, the Royal pizza makers added 56 grams of edible gold. $208,188.95 is the pie’s rumored price tag, which is possibly the world’s most expensive pizza ever made. Who could top that?

2. Chef Renato Viola’s Louis XIII

The expensive Louis XIII pizza Photo: renatoviola.it

Being a one-off meal, however, the ‘Royal Pizza’ is quickly disqualified. Let’s try Italy and explore the buzz around Chef Renato Viola’s Louis XIII pizza. Using authentic organic flour and rare Australian pink salt for the dough and then, lavishing eight of the finest cheeses, oscietra, royal classic, beluga, red prawns, spiny lobster, and shrimps on top of a 20-cm pizza, Chef Viola and his crew might have created the priciest pizza in the world at $12,000. You get more than pizza for that hefty price tag! Other perks include a catering crew (i.e.wine steward, pizza maker, and chef), choice of bespoke cognac and champagne and personal home service. Just don’t forget to reserve 72 hours ahead of your pizza dinner.

3. Miss Verdun

Mazzou Verdun Photo: Agence QMI

Wait, what? 72-hour wait for pizza? That just defeats the concept of fast food. Oh Italy, you failed us. Maybe France is cooking up something better like a $4,250 pizza from Mazzou restaurant. The small city of Verdun quickly learned the trick from their contenders: just combine the priciest ingredients for “Miss Verdun” and they could create the most extravagant pizza. Think caviar, gold flakes and truffles. The pricey pie also comes with a personal chef who will make the pizza in your own kitchen. An Italian copycat? Well, not really. Here’s the difference: they added an orchestra so you can enjoy every bite with fab music.

4. Maze's Pizza

Maze world record pizza Photo: Guiness Book of World Records

With almost every country vying for the record, it's time to bring in an arbiter. The Guinness World Records settled the dispute by crowning Gordon Ramsay’s Maze restaurant the winner. His $250 per slice pizza is commercially available so any restaurant guest can order this thin-crust, wood fire-baked pizza lavished with expensive toppings, namely: white truffle paste, pancetta, cep mushrooms, wild mizuna lettuce, onion puree, baby mozzarella, fontina cheese, and the rare Italian white truffle that costs $2500 a kilo. So, you really believe this would stop the rest of the world from trying?

5. Margo's Pizzeria

Margos pizzeria Photo: Margos

Enter Malta. You’ll find Chefs Claude Camilleri and Giovanni Staiano striving to set the world’s most expensive pizza record. Their gourmet pizza recipe is pretty similar to the competition: white truffles, buffalo mozzarella, and 24-carat gold leaf on top of a thin-crust pizza. It sells for $2,011.14 a piece.

If you love the priciest varieties of pizza, you need to have a lot of dough (pun intended). Have you chosen the rightful winner?

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