Most Expensive Passport. Which country has it?

Most Expensive Passport. Which country has it?

If you own the world’s priciest passport, do you also get the most perks?

Turkey has the world’s most expensive passport to purchase at $251. That’s about 55% of the country’s monthly minimum wage ($448.o4). How many countries can you visit (visa-free or through visa-on-arrival) if you hold the world’s costliest passport? At the moment, there are 218 countries international travelers can potentially enter with a valid passport. Holders of a Turkish passport can get into almost half of that: 102 countries. Not that bad, right?


Is the Turkish passport also the best passport in the world in 2016?

Apparently not. That title belongs to the German passport. Who is surprised by this news?

For those who are astonished by this, know that Germany leads the European Union. As a nation this powerful, its citizens could enter as many as 177 countries (about 81% of the world’s official borders) without going through the hassle of applying for visas. And how much does it cost citizens to get a German passport? Just $62.31 - it doesn’t even make it to the top 10 most expensive passports in the world.

Based on the passport cost rankings by Statista, Australian passports come in second ($206); Switzerland at the third spot ($159); Mexico at fourth ($155); and the United States made it to the fifth rank ($135). All countries on the list seem to reap great benefits for their pricey passports (e.g. hassle-free entry to more than 160 countries), except for one (Mexican passport holders can enter only 139 countries without a visa).

What’s worse, Mexico’s average minimum daily wage is less than $5. You can imagine what that means: Mexicans have to work for more than a month to afford a passport. Taking into account the income (or purchasing power) of the country’s majority, the most expensive passport had to be the Mexican passport.

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