Panda Lovers are Losing Their Minds Over This Exotic Tea

Panda Lovers are Losing Their Minds Over This Exotic Tea

Try to guess where it came from.

$200 for a cup of tea grown from a Panda poop-rich soil. And then it costs $3,500 if you want 50 grams of this Panda dung tea. Before that completely grosses you out, you might first want to know why this Panda poo tea costs so much.

Science has taught us that pandas have a poor digestive system. They only absorb 30% of what they eat, which is understandable if you feed on bamboo shoots and woody trees. So what happens to the remaining 70% unused nutrients? Pandas defecate them.

Panda Dung Tea

Instead of going to waste, former teacher and journalist An Yanshi from China decided to put the panda’s manure into good use. He came up with a novel idea of using them as organic fertilizer for his tea farm. If you’re wondering how the tea yield fared in taste and smell, Mr. Yanshi assured prospective customers that the brew was ‘smooth’ and ‘aromatic’.

Maybe this organic tea qualifies as a delicacy but it may need more justification for its sky-high price tag. One of the most expensive types of coffee, the Kopi Luwak (its beans come from the poop of Asian palm civets), costs $80/cup. Why would the Panda dung tea cost more than twice as much?

Perhaps because pandas are so cute and so rare. Or just because the seller is cunning and creative enough to charge more for this controversial concoction. Lots of tea-drinkers came to his plantation to try what could be the world’s most expensive cup of tea.

Be honest, wouldn’t you be curious to give it a go - if you don’t mind the price tag?


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