New York’s Priciest Sandwich is the World’s Most Expensive

New York’s Priciest Sandwich is the World’s Most Expensive

I nearly choke on the price tag.

You need $214 and 2-day advance booking to enjoy the most expensive sandwich in the world. Head out to Serendipity 3 located at 60th Street, NYC, and look for Chef Joe Calderone. The celebrated chef crafted the costliest sandwich during the National Sandwich Day on November 3, 2014.

What special ingredients could justify this sky-high price tag? French pullman champagne bread with white truffle butter and edible 24-carat gold flakes. For the filling, Chef Calderone chose everyone’s favorite comfort food: grilled cheese, but the rarest kind, Caciocavallo Podolico. To complete the ultimate sandwich experience, the dipping sauce is made out of tomato and South African lobster.

For a hungry yet picky diner, the effort that goes into sandwich preparation doesn’t matter as much as the taste. Take the story of Andy George - the guy who made a sandwich from scratch. He spent a whopping $1500 and six months to make his own simple chicken sandwich. The result of his experiment was a bit depressing: the sandwich he made didn’t come close to the taste of pre-packed sandwiches in grocery stores.

The takeaway? Sandwich-making is such a complex and expensive process if we consider making everything (on our own) down to the last ingredient. I feel lucky and grateful I don’t have to make my favorite ham and cheese sandwich from scratch. Now, with only ten bucks, I can easily order an absolutely tasty lunchtime sandwich, a meal to keep me full for about four hours or longer. What a great time to be alive.

If you still think this NYC sandwich is ridiculously overpriced at $214, you'll change your mind when you see the ultimate gourmet burger.

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