The Highest-Paid Musician of 2016 is a Lady. Hurrah!

The Highest-Paid Musician of 2016 is a Lady. Hurrah!

There’s only room for one “highest-paid musician” in 2016 — and it's not surprising

Taylor Swift amassed a total of $170,000,000 in 2016, making her the highest-paid musician for the year, according to Forbes. Swift easily outranked the four-member English-Irish pop boy band, One Direction ($110 million) and the 10-time Grammy Awards winner, Adele ($80.5 million). Interestingly, Swift raked about $80 million (similar to Adele) in 2015, only she managed to double her earnings a year later.

How did Taylor Swift do it? She is a savvy business woman who knows how to slay her way to success. The 27-year-old singer-songwriter nurtures a loyal fan base by cleverly using social media. The numbers can easily prove it. As of writing, Swift has over 96.5m followers on Instagram, 83.2m Twitter followers, and over 74.6m page likes on Facebook

Beneath her cool appearance, Taylor Swift is a cunning entrepreneur. And in her case, it’s both nature and nurture. Her father works at Merrill Lynch as a top financial advisor while her mom was a former mutual fund marketing executive. Entrepreneurship simply runs in her blood. She had her catchiest lyrics trademarked, e.g. “Cause we never go out of style” and “This sick beat.” Swift also got endorsement deals from big brands such as CoverGirl, Diet Coke and Keds.

And who can forget the time when Taylor Swift stood up against Apple? She held back her album, 1989, when Apple Music offered a free three-month trial for users who would sign up for their streaming service. She thought it was unfair that the artists wouldn’t be paid during the entire trial period so she made the bold move. You can find the entire post on her Tumblr blog.

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