The World’s Most Expensive Mango is Unexpected, to say the least

The World’s Most Expensive Mango is Unexpected, to say the least

It's not what you had in mind.

Who has the best mango in the world? This has long been a serious bone of contention among fans of mangoes from India, Pakistan, the Philippines and Thailand. These top mango producers claim to be the world’s best source of the golden fruit. While this issue hasn’t been settled yet, at least we know where to find the world’s most expensive mango and how much it cost: $30,000 for a tray at the Brisbane Markets Mango Auction held last October, 2014.

It was Carlo Lorenti from the Clayfield Markets Fresh who managed to outbid other hopeful growers participating in the auction. The proceeds went to Diabetes Queensland and Life Education Queensland. Odd coincidence?

Mangoes may have been forbidden for years for Diabetic patients but it’s not because the fruit is unhealthy. The real reason? Physicians think mangoes have an addictive element into it. Notice how eating one mango entices you to get another one. It’s so easy to fall into the habit and it gets harder to break the cycle: one great mango eating experience easily leads to another.

If you think only Australians are mad about mangoes, you’ve never met the Japanese. Equally passionate, Japanese mango growers also held their own Mango auction earlier the same year. The Miyazaki Agricultural Economic Federation set the criteria or standards for all auction participants. The verdict? Two Miyazaki mangoes hammered 300,000 Japanese Yen ($2648.07) in the 2014 auction.

These talks on stupendous mango prices make us wonder about other most expensive fruits to grow. Maybe it’s worth investigating. After all, we see people splurging on pizzas, sandwich, burger, and many otherwise ordinary albeit unhealthy snacks. If you’ve got a spare $100,000 lying around, would you spend it on food?

(That’s not a rhetorical question so feel free to leave your answer in the comments below.)

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