The Most Expensive Keyboard on Amazon?

The Most Expensive Keyboard on Amazon?

Someone jestingly asked, ‘will this keyboard get me laid?’

Meet the Sojourner Keyboard - a computer accessory on sale at Amazon for about $1000. Unlike most black, mechanical and plasticky keyboards, the Sojourner is made from an artistically aged brass with exquisite typewriter keys containing alchemical symbols. Font styles can also be custom-made according to each buyer’s request - for an added cost.

Datamancer, its maker, proudly calls this keyboard ‘a piece of art’. It takes more than 40 man hours to build each keyboard and the maker only uses the best materials to handcraft every piece. One thousand dollars seemed like a small price to pay for the ingenuity, materials, and labor poured on this functional and stylishly edgy keyboard.

Some customers loved it for its originality and steampunk look, while others complain about a few missing features like USB and gears. Most negative comments were about the shipping fees and the exorbitant price tag. However, there were more satisfied reviewers and they unanimously agreed that this keyboard was worth every cent they spent.

Choosing a computer keyboard usually takes time. You consider ergonomics, specific function keys, price, and aesthetics or emotional appeal. It seems that the sojourner keyboard tapped into our weakness for anything beautiful or bizarre.

If you’re a curious keyboard shopper, you might not be able to resist browsing the reviews and comments. You’d probably even google the company to check if it’s legit. For what it’s worth, this keyboard might turn out to be your style so there’s no harm in checking it out.

And, of course, it's available on Amazon!


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