The Most Expensive House in the US on Sale

The Most Expensive House in the US on Sale

Anyone have $250 million or so to splurge on a Bel Air mansion?

Based on a real estate website ( that lists houses for sale, the cost of an average American home is $412,222.90. That's about 0.0001648888 percent of the most expensive home in the US recently featured at Forbes. And this magnificent mansion can be yours, if you have $250 million to spare.

The lavish property is at 924 Bel Air Road. It’s a brainchild of luxury property developer, Bruce Makowsky. No wonder why the ritzy residence is designed with billionaire's tastes in mind. Makowsky saw an unmet market for luxury estates and wanted to build a property that are fit billionaire buyers. The super-rich invest tons of money on their mega-yachts, sprucing up their vessels (or toys) to fit their luxury needs. Now it's time to give them a fitting place to live in.

The opulent house boasts an office with spectacular views. It also has a wide wine cellar that's completely stocked you can hide here for a year without running out of supply. Another fabulous feature includes a huge gallery with legions of cars (included in the $250m price tag). Add to that an unbelievably relaxing spa and fitness facilities to help residents unwind in utmost comfort.

Of course, no house is complete without its entertainment area. The house prides itself with five bars, ready to serve both residents and guests their favorite drinks and music. Did I mention how many guest rooms are there? There are 10 of them! And they are not ordinary rooms, but VIP suites. Ring the bell and seven servants will come to your aid. I can go on and on but I have to stop while I still can.

What's not to love about this house (besides the price)?


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