Are These the Most Expensive Pair of Headphones?

Are These the Most Expensive Pair of Headphones?

Your life will never be the same once you put these headphones on.

You will get goosebumps when you start listening through the legendary Orpheus which comes with an amplifier made of (wait for it) marble. Sennheiser R & D department touted this piece as the best headphones ever made. With incredibly detailed sounds, luxurious feel, and amazing look, it’s the perfect gift for every lover of music and technology.

There’s just a slight snag, it costs around $55,000! The most expensive headphones in the world as of the moment.

Sennheiser He 1

It makes us wonder whether Sennheiser intends to blow people’s minds and budgets. But a few lucky audiophiles who had tested the listening system (headphones and amp) said the price tag was reasonable. They claimed they hadn't heard anything like it before. The cans appeared, felt and sounded flawless, according to them.

This isn’t the first time Sennheiser has tried to steal the limelight at a Consumer Electronics Show. As its PR stunt back in 2014, they launched a weird ad about their ear-pampering headphones, which unfortunately didn’t catch on. Someone has taken it down from YouTube but Mashable has kept their post about it.

Have they finally stumbled on a gold mine with the Orpheus headphones? Only time (and sales) can tell.

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