Need a Mind-Blowing Hairdo? Here are the World’s Most Expensive Haircuts.

Need a Mind-Blowing Hairdo? Here are the World’s Most Expensive Haircuts.

Fancy a Hollywood haircut? Prepare to pay a horrendous price.

Fourteen dollars - that’s the average haircut cost in America, according to Time Magazine. But in Kodiak, a remote island in the state of Alaska, a trim can cost $26.67. That sounds reasonable unless you’re keeping track of the news (i.e. history). Bill Clinton got a $200 haircut at his favorite salon in New York. When news broke out, this easily became one of the world’s most expensive haircuts.

Wait, there’s more. Apparently, Julien of Farel Restore Salon & Spa on Park Avenue, New York, offers a haircut four times as expensive, $800. What kind of salon service do you expect to get out of this price range? Use your imagination.

Speaking of celebrity-calibre hairstyling (and price points), Ted Gibson has to be mentioned. Ted styles the hair of some of the most beautiful hollywood actresses, namely, Anne Hathaway, Keira Knightley, and Angelina Jolie. To get a haircut from him, you need to be willing to shell out $1,500.

Some prefer to fly to China to find a haircut that fits their budget, only to end up at Mr. Rope’s Salon that charges $6,120 for a 15-minute trimming service. This, however, is a scam first-time visitors in China should avoid. No matter what the hairdresser says, there’s no way famous Chinese artists pay that much for a haircut.

Unless you are Stuart Phillips, of course, who owns a salon in Covent Garden in London, UK. The Guinness World Records officially gave the hairdresser the most expensive haircut badge of honor for charging Beverley Lateo $16,420 for a trim. Along with the haircut, Beverley also got a Champagne lunch, a scalp and hair massage, limousine ride back to the airport, and more importantly, Stuart Phillips’ exceptional service.

Have we mentioned the Sultan of Brunei yet? Get this: Haji Hassanal Bolkiah paid $23,000 to another London hairstylist, Ken Modestou. Although Modestou would charge only about $37 per trim, a royal haircut deserves astronomical charges. Could this be the most expensive haircut in the world? Well, we will never know.

Need a trim? Which among these hairstylists are you tempted to splurge on?

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