Sold: The Most Expensive Gun in The World

Sold: The Most Expensive Gun in The World

It has an invaluable history, hence the price tag.

Last April 2016, a Winchester Model 1886 became the most expensive gun ever sold at auction when it hammered for $1.265 million. Officials at Rock Island Auction Company (RIAC) initially estimated the iconic firearm to cost just half that amount - they did not expect it to sell for more than a million. Yet the bidders were drawn to its classic charm, rarity (it was the first 1886 model) and link to the capture of Geronimo.

Most expensive rifle in the world

Not completely related, though. As the story goes, the rifle was a gift for Captain Henry W. Lawton from his friend, Lieutenant George E. Albee. He gave it to Lawton after the successful arrest of the fiercest Apache leader, Geronimo. The captain graciously accepted the gun not as congratulatory gift but as a friendly gesture - the Winchester Model 1886 was, after all, a fine piece of weaponry.

The new owner of the most expensive firearm in the world has preferred to remain anonymous. While I’m a fan of guns (especially those used by James Bond), I don’t think this is money well spent. Even if I have $1.265 million to shell out, I wouldn’t buy it.

For sure there are other things worth buying. Like, splurging on a vacation in Maldives. You could also go to Mt. Everest, or take a cruise around the world. Maybe you can try to buy tickets to the most luxurious flights. Or maybe, you can buy yourself the most high-tech android smartphone ever made.

But the winning bidder took that choice away from us, leaving us chatting about the most expensive gun ever sold.

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