What Is It Like to Eat the Ultimate Gourmet Burger

What Is It Like to Eat the Ultimate Gourmet Burger

If gourmet burgers are your guilty pleasure, then this is your biggest sin.

Okay, so maybe you've heard of the world's most expensive sandwich from New York and thought it's the most lavish meal ever. Well, brace yourself for the costliest burger in the world. This time, it's from the UK.

To eat this grub, you must be willing to fork out $1618.14 at Honky Tonk in Chelsea, London. And that’s just for one absolutely craveable burger. No chips or fries. That price ($1618.14 per serving) is a small sum to pay for the burger’s expensive individual ingredients.

Wagyu beef from Japan, venison from New Zealand, a Canadian lobster, salt from Himalayas, beluga caviar, black truffle Brie, smoked duck egg, and gold coated buns complete the extravagant burger masterpiece.

If that description makes you imagine a posh junk food joint, then the marketing stunt worked. As well as it did to most Londoners. It got them talking, debating, and spreading the word about Honky Tonk’s ‘Glamburger’.

Perhaps a few whined about the obscene display of extravagance. Some were livid. But for the restaurant owners, this was just the beginning of the battle. They constantly need to find creative ideas to please the patrons and attract new customers in order to stay in business.

What could be next? A glass of cognac worth hundreds of dollars? A diamond-encrusted dessert? Of course, they all seem foolish, pathetic attempt at virality.

In truth, we are partly to blame for this: we can’t help tuning in to these news or rumors. For one, our consumer-driven society made us price-conscious. Then, there’s this innate curiosity (or slight envy) we have toward the elite and their inaccessible world. We’d love to know about their new, silly indulgences, have a good laugh, and secretly dream we’d be as filthy rich as they are.


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