Who Won’t Say ‘Yes’ to this Uber Pricey Engagement Ring?

Who Won’t Say ‘Yes’ to this Uber Pricey Engagement Ring?

Me? I know I’d definitely say ‘yes’.

10 million dollars. That’s how much the Aussie billionaire, James Packer, spent on a 35-carat diamond ring he popped out to ask Mariah Carey’s hand last January 21, 2016. It was of course easy for the divine diva to say ‘yes’ to the massive, blinding, and (possibly) world’s most expensive engagement ring.

Mariah Carey engaged

When spotted by the press after the proposal, Mariah showed off her stunning emerald-cut diamond set on an exquisite platinum. Famous jewelers gasped in surprise, singing praises about the meticulous work done on the bling. Maria's smile was as shiny as the sparkling ring on her finger. It seems the songstress has found the one - perhaps this time (her third marriage), it’s forever.

Now you may be curious if she’s also going to wear the priciest gown on her wedding day. Her billionaire boyfriend, Mr. Packer, won’t likely think twice if she demands to tick off the most expensive wedding records of all time. Once they’ve tied the knot, you imagine them choosing the most expensive honeymoon destination (anything less would be unbecoming). And after that, they will settle down in an extravagant house and live happily ever after.

Or it might be the opposite. They could end up getting the most expensive divorce. (It's still a record-breaker). Well, who can tell? Let’s just keep our eyes peeled on what will happen next.

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