Here’s the Most Expensive Dog Wedding Ever

Here’s the Most Expensive Dog Wedding Ever

Because what’s more adorable than pups in tux and gown?

The most expensive dog wedding costs $250,000. The puppy love between Hope and Chilly became official love when they tied the knot in Jumeirah Essex House, New York last July 12, 2012.

It’s not the first time people intervene with their pet’s choice of mate. You may want to read about the luxurious wedding of Phet and Ploy (two diamond-eyed Siamese cats) held in Thailand in 1996. Although lavish, the cats’ PURRfect nuptial paled in comparison to the MUTTrimonial union of a Coton de Tulear and a poodle in New York.

Of course, both unique and pricey wedding celebrations had the ‘aww’ factor. But here’s a huge difference: Chilly and Hope did it for a cause. The pair served as ambassadors of animal welfare and their wedding ceremony was a way of raising awareness about euthanasia of homeless animals. The wedding organizers hoped to raise funds for the Humane Society of New York.

Wendy Diamond, the owner of Baby Hope (the bride), spent $6000 to secure the best wedding attires for the couple. Famous chef James Chung prepared $5000-worth of sushi rolls for 50 canine and 250 human guests at the event. And as with all grand weddings, it had a five-tiered cake made by Cake Boss (TLC’s reality TV series), an orchestra (hired for $15,000) and a bunch of fuchsia orchids (valued at $30,000) adoring the venue.

Seeing these pets sitting on the lap of luxury, it’s tempting to wish we can switch places with them just once. I could use a well-off wedding planner and financier. But if I was a furry friend to a wealthy owner, I wonder if I’d ever need a wedding. Bitches don’t want them and male dogs couldn’t care less.

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