What’s the Most Expensive Pound of Coffee?

What’s the Most Expensive Pound of Coffee?

Promise, this one’s not made from cat poop.

Once upon a time, cat dung coffee reigned supreme. When news broke out about Kopi Luwak, a fancy brew from the beans defecated by Asian palm civets in Indonesia, coffee lovers around the world went crazy. Back in 2003, this queerly clean, delicious, and syrupy coffee grind cost a whopping $400 a pound.

Pantaleon-mocca coffee

Despite that price tag, coffee aficionados and critics willingly spent big bucks to gulp down the rare blend. But its heyday is coming to an end for two reasons:

One, some farmers allegedly cage civet cats to secure and increase the production of pricey coffee beans. Sooner rather than later, discerning consumers who are aware of this cruelty shall stop buying from these sources.

And two, the real specialty coffees are gaining attention from coffee connoisseurs and the coffee-loving community.

Behold the true heroes of great coffee farming: Finca El Injerto in Guatemala. As proof, they sold premium coffee beans named Pantaleon-Mocca for $500.50 a pound in an online auction last 2012. This easily set the record as the most expensive pound of coffee ever sold.

The hand-picked Pantaleon- Mocca beans beat the civet cat coffee droppings in price tag, ethical production, and quality.

Judged by flavor, acidity, body, mouthfeel, and aftertaste, coffee produce from El Injerto consistently won the Guatemala Cup of Excellence in 2006, 2008, 2009, 2010, and 2012. If that’s not enough to become a legend in fine coffee farming, we don’t know what will.

Oh, writing this makes me crave another sip from my home-brewed cup of coffee. It’s far from the Guatemalan brew but this one should suffice for now. I can’t wait to try the beans from El Injerto farm.

There’s a lot of great coffee waiting to be drunk and yet so little time!

P.S. If coffee was not your cup of tea, try tea - the rarest kind. If you enjoy doing this for a living, consider the coveted career as a tea taster.

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