Why a Classic Mini Cooper May Not Be a Bad Investment

Why a Classic Mini Cooper May Not Be a Bad Investment

At least for enterprising vintage car collectors.

Because even if a mini cooper stops working, it’s still hideously expensive.

In 2013 at the UK Charterhouse Auction, a shabby 1966 Mini Cooper S, which sat in a garage for two decades, fetched four times its estimated value. Though its engine would not run and heavy work was needed to put it back on the road, adoring fans fought tooth and nail until a winner took it home for $45553.42. Uber-pricey for a run-down vintage car, right?

Pricey mini cooper

Auctioneers didn’t expect the Cooper would sell for more than $11751.60 - this was a generous estimate for a car that had obviously seen better days. But the keen eye, passion and purse of avid classic Cooper collectors were not to be underestimated. They were savvy enough to gauge the car’s originality, rarity and resale value. (Ever heard about the record-smashing price of a Ferrari 250 GTO?)

If you ask me, a mini cooper is quite a spectacle. I never had a pal who didn’t go gaga over its super cute design as well as its space-and-gas-saving powers. And seriously, is there any other car that can make you feel like you’re driving a go-kart?

I admit I’m partial to mini coopers. One of my dreams is to drive one while exploring the cities and countrysides of Europe. (My other fantasy is to fly to the moon, which is now possible but still uber-expensive.)

For now, I’d be happy to get my hands on a mini cooper that won’t give me trouble on the road. If you also want to buy, I read that a brand new one costs around $18,000. Secondhand mini coopers sell for a quarter of that price - but be sure to check if it works.

If you’re more like a traveler than a classic car collector, no matter how stylish a Cooper mini looks, it’s as good as junk if it takes you nowhere. You don’t want to be stuck in the middle of a desolate road with a charming Cooper that won’t even start.

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