Cat Wedding is Not a Theme - It's an Event

Cat Wedding is Not a Theme - It's an Event

And this is the most expensive yet.

$28, 000 was shelled out for the PURRfect wedding of diamond-eyed Siamese cats, Phet and Ploy. The groom, Phet, donned a pink tuxedo with lacy cuffs and made a dramatic entrance in a Rolls Royce. Meanwhile, the bride, Ploy, came in clad with the most gorgeous pink satin wedding dress. She arrived at the venue (at Bangkok's largest discotheque), on a helicopter. VIP guests were present to witness the exchange of meows for vows and gold rings custom-made to fit their paws.

Starry-eyed felines like Phet and Ploy (which are in truth glaucoma-affected cats) are considered bringer of good luck according to locals in Thailand. That’s why the event attracted more than 500 guests, who then showered the newlyweds with pricey gifts worth a total of $60,000.

Vicharn Jarat-archa, Phet’s owner, denied allegations that the wedding was staged merely for profit or publicity. He said he did it to reward Phet for bringing good luck to his business. Animal activists wouldn’t have it, though. They wanted Vicham to use the money he raised for the treatment of the cats. The Cosmetics baron vowed he would do as told and would even donate the rest to animal charities. So after the honeymoon cruise, the feline couple would be heading to a vet for a much-needed eye operation.

I could think of countless reasons why it’s silly to arrange a wedding for cats. One, they are cats - these promiscuous creatures would surely sleep around weeks after the costly ceremony. Two, Phet and Ploy have eye defects - they are poor judge of each other’s looks. Three, all that money could have been put to better use, like building a school for the poor. I could go on.

Or stop. Maybe I’m just being snotty.

Did you have a barbie doll as a child? Haven't you tried dressing them up with the most beautiful clothes and accessories? (Probably yes.) How are we different from the doting owners of Phet and Ploy? If we’re stinking rich, maybe we’d throw our dolls the lavish wedding ceremony imaginable, without regard for the suffering of the poor. And like always, we'd come up with good explanations or excuses for our ridiculous expenditures.

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