Someone Has Actually Splurged Millions on This Birthday Cake

Someone Has Actually Splurged Millions on This Birthday Cake

Think you’ve seen all the ridiculous news about birthdays? Not if you haven’t read this.

An uber-rich father from United Arab Emirates spent $75 million for his daughter’s cake. This is for her joint birthday and engagement party. Besides the enormous price tag, the cake also weighed a whopping 450 kg, measured six feet long, and contained 17 diamonds of various carats and colors worth a total of $43,966,500.

Following the gorgeous and uber expensive black frock she designed in 2012, Debbie Wingham took yet another record-setting project: a runway-inspired cake worth $75 million. Wingham hand-sculpted the fine details of the exorbitant dessert for 1,100 hours. Most parts of the cake are edible (e.g. fondant icing, chocolate, Madagascan vanilla bean, etc.) except for the areas stuffed with gemstones.

75 million dollar cake

If I had a dad who’s willing to shell out $75 million just for my birthday cake - I’d ask him to give me the money. Then I’d invite my favorite people to get on a private jet (I supposed rich dads have them), fly to an island (which my wealthy father might have bought) and throw a huge party.

Sounds great, except I’m not an oil baron’s daughter. And frankly, I can’t completely grasp how people from this class use their riches. Many have tried to demystify elite living for a the public yet all we have are fragments from stories they allow us to know. Perhaps with a little more digging and inquisitiveness, we will be able to paint a more realistic world of the millionaires.

Hop on, it's going to be a long ride.

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