These Used Bikinis Are Jaw-Droppingly Expensive

These Used Bikinis Are Jaw-Droppingly Expensive

Here’s a peek at three hugely popular, crazy expensive bikinis of all time.

It’s bizarre enough that women pay top dollar for a two-piece swimsuit. Why some splurge on these three insanely expensive bikinis is totally baffling, if not ridiculous. Or maybe we are missing something. Let’s find out what set these three skimpy swimsuits apart from the rest.

The White Bikini of Ursula from James Bond’s 1962 Film

Ursula Andress Dr No Bikini

Flashback to the 60’s: Swiss-born actress Ursula Andress played the role of Honey Ryder in Dr. No. ,a James Bond saga.

Remember the scene where she emerged from the water clad with a white cotton bikini? That two-piece suit, which lower part featured a belt with a buckle and a sheath for a dagger, hammered £41,125 at Christie's South Kensington Auction in London last February 14, 2001.

Most writers refer to this swimsuit as the most famous and significant bikini of all time. Although it’s a second-hand swimwear, it will always remind the buyer of an iconic moment in film and fashion history.

Princess Leia’s Gold Bikini at the Star Wars: Episode VI - Return of the Jedi

Princess Leia in bikini

Since we’re on the subject of popular hollywood memorabilia on sale, you must recall Princess Leia’s gold bikini.

Carrie Fisher wore the seductive two-piece suit under the command of her captor, Jabba the Hutt, a powerful galaxy gangster in the 1983 Star Wars film Return of the Jedi. The “Slave Leia’s” bikini easily fetched a staggering $96,000 at the Profiles in History online auction last October 2015.

The outfit came with a letter of authenticity from the designer, Richard Miller, to guarantee that the piece was the original skimpy costume Leia wore in the movie. As to the mystery buyer, some folks said it might be Ross Geller (David Lawrence Schwimmer) or Rachel Green (Jennifer Aniston) from Friends. Get the drift?

Molly Sims’s Diamond Bikinis on Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue

Molly Sim diamond bikini

It’s time to reveal the priciest bikini of all time: Susan Rosen’s diamond bikini creation worn by the stunning actress and model, Molly Sims.

Set on a platinum, the swimsuit is comprised of 51 carat D Flawless Pear Shape diamond, 30 carat D Flawless emerald cut, 15 carat D Flawless rounds, and a platinum-set 8 carat D Flawless Pear Shape. Yes, that’s right, no fabric was used to create this 30-million-dollar bikini.

Louis Reard, the inventor of bikini, would be put to shame if he saw this bespoke bikini made totally from diamonds! Based on our source, it seems Molly didn’t get to keep the pricey piece. Maybe it’s still up for grabs?

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