The Most Expensive Bag is Made for Business-Minded Women

The Most Expensive Bag is Made for Business-Minded Women

Here’s your excuse for splurging on a luxurious Birkin bag.

Made by a French high fashion luxury brand Hermès, the Diamond Himalaya Birkin 30 is currently the most expensive bag in the world. This 2008 Birkin bag fetched $300,168 (inclusive of the buyer’s premium) at Christie’s 30th Anniversary Sale in Hong Kong last May 30, 2016. Who would have thought someone would splash out over $300,000 on a handbag?

Most expensive handbag

Surely, the wealthy bidder knew what she had paid for. The Birkin bag features 175 grams of solid gold, about 10 carats of fine diamonds and crocodile skins deftly dyed to match the snowy peaks of Himalayas, where the bag got its name.

Christie’s handbags and accessories auction was first introduced to Hong Kong in 2014 and since then, it has been a major success. Ask any repeat customer at Christie’s Asian auction and you’d hear her say ‘a Birkin bag is both an ornament and an investment’. While Gucci and Chanel bags also do well in Christie’s auctions, Hermès Birkin bags are the topmost choice of discerning, enterprising buyers.

In separate auctions last 2015, the “Fuchsia Diamond Birkin 35” was sold for $223,000 while the “Himalaya Birkin 35” was valued at $174,000. You’d be surprised at the potential private resale value of the Diamond Himalaya Birkin 30: an eye-popping $432,000. Insanely costly and worth the initial investment, right?

So if you have some $500,000 lying around and decide to treat yourself to an extravagant and fashionable bag, abandon your inner critic or ignore your real-life detractors. You now have the best excuse to buy yourself a Birkin bag. Happy shopping!

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