The Android Smartphone for the Rich and Famous

The Android Smartphone for the Rich and Famous

And no, it’s not made in America but Hollywood stars are all ears.

Sirin Labs, an Israeli start-up, has recently launched an android smartphone that will set the bar for future handsets.

It’s called Solarin - a smartphone powered by Android yet there's nothing quite like it in the market these days. It’s super fast; it sounds fantastic; it has the most awesome daylight camera; and it’s a lot more secure. Sounds like the perfect Android phone? The only snag is that it will cost you $17,000 (inclusive of taxes).

Want more? The device has an extremely fast Wifi which allows its user to download an HD movie in just five seconds. At least that’s what the company claimed during the phone’s launch last May 31, 2016 in London. Leonardo diCaprio and Tom Hardy sat silently at the front row seats the entire time.

This phone was obviously not made for me (I knew it just the moment I saw the price tag ). This smartphone is built for deep-pocketed, high-profile personalities most vulnerable to hacking. Remember the leaked nude photos of hollywood stars in 2014?

Solarin smartphone

Sirin Labs didn’t promise that the most expensive android phone is hacking-proof. They can never claim it’s unhackable because for sure, many hackers would gladly take the challenge. What they offer instead is some sort of cyber guards protecting your virtual data 24/7.

When someone tries to gain access to your Solarin phone’s private data, Sirin Labs would know. That should suffice for now. For users concerned with utmost privacy, this military-grade security tech alone should justify Solarin’s hefty price tag.

Solarin smartphone gold and silver


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