Would You Get a Diamond Pair of Shoes If You Were Uber-Rich?

Would You Get a Diamond Pair of Shoes If You Were Uber-Rich?

Some people actually think this should be illegal.

Two million dollars. No kidding. That’s how much Nick Cannon spent on his diamond shoes.

The host thought one million each foot would be worth it as he was hosting America’s Got Talent 2014 season finale. Nick walked on clouds wearing over 14,000 round-cut diamonds set onto white gold, secretly hoping none of these pricey gemstones would fall off.

By his request, Jason Arasheben of Jason of Beverly Hills created this custom-made bejeweled pair of Tom Fords. It took him and his team 2000 hours to complete the masterpiece. But it paid off ($2 million, mind you).

Given the chance, anyone would have wanted to create the world’s most valuable shoes. I know I would if I was in Jason's shoes. Every smart shoemaker and jeweler knows how to get instant publicity - they just agree to make something outrageously stunning and downright pricey.

That’s the same idea behind Stuart Weitzman’s over-the-top ruby stilettos, Susan Rosen’s dazzling bikini, or Victoria Secret’s Heavenly Star Bra. If you think these marketing gimmicks are sickening, take a step back and try to understand the humor behind it.

After all, the goal behind these pricey publicity stunts is to get your precious attention. Aren’t you flattered?

Nick Cannon's 2 million dollar shoes
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